Thursday, March 19, 2009


I felt sleepy and tired right now despite the fact that I took an 8 hours sleep plus an hour in the evening before. I'm tired from the usual commuting, the tendering for the puppies as they now walk around the house, the clicking for numerous facebook applications and et cetera.


Having puppies in your house isn't fun you know. Yeah, you're surrounded by these cutesy and charmed by their way of walking and rolling BUT they growl and cry A LOT. Noisy little fella (they're still crying right now). The fact that the mother no longer want to feed them is another problem. They cry and cry and cry until I do not know what to do with them. They don't drink water, so the only liquid they can consume is from their mom's nipples. They starts to walk and bite. So I need to prepare puppy food for them. Oh, when I say walk, all 7 of them scattered around the house screaming and shouting (in the dog way) ruined my sleep. They also made me starts to type essays in my blog of which I do not fancy at. Oh god, can you just make anyone adopt them all? 10 dogs under 1 roof is TOO MUCH for me to handle.

Moral of the story is: Do not let your dogs mate. Better if you do not own any two of opposite sex. Keep an eye on them during mating season. Don't ever think of getting puppies if you do not have the time and money and space for it. Crap!

I need to reward myself for being so "responsible". Time to hunt HotWheels again next week. If there's new stock. And if there's a Ferrari GTO or any T-Hunt hanging on the rack which are impossible.

I need a new spectacles too. I haven't change them since I was in secondary year 5. That was long. No wonder I can't see cars from my side mirrors in the night.

I know I'm crapping without any directions. Oh, I just had my hair cut at Snips. The service they provide almost on par with Eiji Project/Hikaru. Professional cut at RM50.


I had a night tea time with boss, Sam, Shukri, Kah-Kah and Adrian just now. Kinda fun, gossiping and talking about various stuff. In case you dunno who's Kah-Kah, she's Stephanie. Since her name's too common, we decide to call her by her last Cantonese name. Hmm. Kinda nice.

Why I was typing this, Sam sms me a factorisation question. Gosh, I was like solving maths while facebooking while typing this entry. And I know I was babbling right now. Sorry my dear readers, I'm too tired to think of any fun entry with pictures and less words.

Gotta go, will blog again in the evening if I have the mood. Thanks Cyndy for the lovely postcard from Pattaya, Thailand.

Good night.

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