Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mac-tard 1

You are wondering why I put number behind titles for a while now? It's because I will make another entry similarly, in other words, I'm lazy to think of different title.

Today I had a chat with fellow blogger Evan about iPod and iPhone 3G. Maxis Malaysia will be releasing the iPhone 3G on March 20th, with the package of RM375 monthly installments for 24-months. Well, they do say that the price starts from RM100 per month. Worth it? Not for me. I'm not really an Apple Inc. fan anyway.

Back to topic, both Evan and me had had problems regarding our SonyEricsson walkman phone; earphone faulthy. Not just us, but it seems that all my friends who have been using their earphones faced the same problems. Will SonyEricsson care to look into this matter and fix it? I wonder.

This event forced me to think of an alternative way in order to continue my music enjoyment; handheld music player. I've always looked into iPods, since they're slim, stylish and small. However, their price made me back off as Sony counterpart had better music player that's good in terms of sound quality. However, since this entry is related to Apple, I'll post something in relation.

Everyone knows how small and delicate yet stylish is an iPod shuffle. Well..... without a screen though. In case you lived in cave all these years, here's a picture of it.
How small? The size of a typical double-A battery. Slimmer and smaller to be precised. The controls had moved from the body of the player to the right-side of the earbud cord. It's also the world's first music player that talks to you, using VoiceOver. Price starts from RM309 for 4GB space, it's kinda "okay" for such brand.

I wonder why all Apple stuff are small. Except Mac Pro. This Mac mini makes me feel sad and angry, it's cheaper than my laptop but more powerful! Damn! I should've grab this instead of a laptop. ARGH~~~!!!!!!!

New iMac. Better screen. Smaller keyboard. Powerful graphic cards. Now comes with nVidia GeForce GT 130. Crap! Who says Mac can't play games? You can even render graphics on it. But too expensive for a poorer-than-average-Joe like me. Shut it.

I've been using Safari for a while now. The fact that it claims to be the world's fastest browser depends on how quick your connection is and the data and cookies stored in your browser. The 1st time I use it, it takes time to load multiple tabs. But from the 2nd time onwards, it loads faster than my Firefox! Proven? Kinda.

The topsites view

Checking on

Watching The Fast and the Furious 4 HD trailer on Youtube

Great, now I write like a normal blogger. Oh, oyasumi too Cyndy.

(Am not getting paid for advertising Apple stuff here.)

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