Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Malaysia 1

This will be the beginning of my "Welcome to Malaysia" series where I will blog about the common concepts of Malaysia (duh!).


This evening I went to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ-Road Transport Department) at Wangsa Maju to accompany my friend to renew his driving license. At the entrance of the office, there were many "runners" whom waited for unsuspecting customers or newbies to run their errand for them.

Before we even step our foot near the office, 2 runners came to us asking what we wanted to do. After a while, we were told that if we give them money and documents, they will do the job for us in less than 5 minutes. We didn't let them. Why?

Normally when you renew your license - let say you own a Class D driving license (Driving a car weight not more than 3000kg) - you will need to pay RM30 per year. So, the runners offer us RM10 service charge plus extra RM60 (which are NOT NEEDED) to convert from PDL to CDL. From that time onwards, we already know they're trying to scam us. Thus, we left them to do it ourselves. In the office, it only took my friend 10 minutes to finish the license renewal process - Snap pictures, wait for turn and make the license. In the end, we were relieved that we didn't resort to the runners.

After this event, I started to question why the runners are allowed to scam people outside government offices? A source told me that the government officers hire them to help people run their errand smoothly, since they know the procedures the best. Besides, they help those who are illiterated to fill in forms. Such a necessity are useful to some and bothersome to the others. Imagine runners forcefully sticking to you every time you went to some government offices for some errands.

This shows that there were Malaysian that are not able to read or write in Bahasa Malaysia/English. Who to blame at? Back to topic, some say that we can't question them as it's their job to start with. However, they are having some easy job there, scamming, filling in forms, getting money and of course, helping people too. In the coming years, with more and more organizations helping children in need to be literated, runners will no longer be needed. So, what happen to the runners? Screw them! They want easy job? There's nothing easy in this world, go grab a stable job if you can. Old man? From what I witnessed today, all the runners are aged around 20-40. Like hell they can't get a job since they're able to read and write.

The solutions:
1. If they have the chance, let your children study until they are at least proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English.
2. Add more languages into the forms needed to be filled by rakyat.
3. Abolish the "Runner-system" from a governmet department.
4. Government to retrench from other unimportant sector and focus into illiteratation problem.

Finally, I hope that our country will be freed from poor and illiteration. To my readers, please remember to let your children study if they have the chance. And, there's no such thing as "Extra fees for license convert from PDL to CDL". Have a great day!

With money, everything works in Malaysia.

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