Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Karaoke

We went to Neway Cheras Plaza to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. Lots of shouting and screaming and also the ever break downs of microphones. Adrian, Yee Szeng, Vincent, Shukri, Sam, In June, Stephanie, Su Ching and me had had lots of fun tonight. Great "cheong" people!

Now, get yourself ready for the blurred, unfocused, and low light pictures. Should've brought a digital camera instead =.=

Adrian, Yee Szeng and Vincent

Steph, Su Ching and In June

Wishing for something...

Not only posing, but singing too with Shukri in the background

I'm singing ni...

Sam is flying to Nagano, Japan for few years

Am sending him like Sheng's case, 9.30pm flight at KLIA. Bye Sam. Gonna miss your sarcastic remarks!

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