Friday, April 3, 2009

The Lost of Another Best Friend

No he's not dead and no I'm not cursing him either. This time is Sam, or Shamelin Sam as some called him of whatever reason I do not know or care.

He's a very reliable person when it comes to financial and planning, together with Shukri. Both of them were the planners of our 4S group. With him gone, now left 2 of us; Shukri and me. So, who's next? Anyway, Sheng's coming back on 11th April for a week. 3S then XD

Adrian, Stephanie, Syi Nee, Shukri and me went to send his flight. Unlike Sheng, Sam will be unable to fly back in between the period of his studies (2 years I guess), so we'll be missing him very much. Luckily Japan is the land of fast internet connection. No fear!

Final words; Take care bro. Contact us when in need or when you're free.

Last dim sum; thanks Wai for the free meal!!!

Last pic with ma bro!

Seriously charging his phone

At least there's someone accompany him, unlike Sheng

Hmm, after that we have a chat and thorough "scanning" with his sister. Steph was all over her, and non-stop talking bout her too. In the end, we forgot to jot down her number and thus making it hard to call her out. Damn!

Received news that Sam had safely touchdown in Nagano. He will get his new number as well as internet 2 weeks later. He said, "DO NOT SMS ME!" because he'll get charged reduce his prepaid credits.

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