Saturday, May 23, 2009


My mom's friend had been advising us on scholarship stuff few weeks ago. Her daughter applied for USA scholarship herself from the embassy and to much surprise, she got it. Her mother claim that they don't need top scorer to be eligible for the spot, just determined ones. So I took some time yesterday researching on the scholarship available in Malaysia that would bring me overseas and I found a few.

The Korean Government Scholarship giving chances for undergraduates aged below 25 to study in South Korea for 4 years plus 1 year of language studies. Eligibility for Korean Government Scholarship: Possess a grade point average (G.P.A.) above 80% from the last educational institution attended or have earned top 10% of G.P.A. among classmates. Preferential selection for applicants who are good at Korean or English. Great, means I need to study hard from now on.

The Japanese Government on the other hand giving undergraduates and postgraduates chance to pursue their studies in Japan. Undergraduates need to be aged between 17-22 years old, finished at least 11-year of studies locally and will need to spend 5-7 years studying in Japan.

Both giving full allowances so we don't need to spend much money.

So should I go for any of these? Means I need to start studying hard in order to be eligible then. I'm so "flower-hearted", how am I going to study like this. Had some consultation with my uncle and aunt earlier; Aunt say Korea not that fine for engineering while uncle, who's also an engineer says that if the government recognises a certain country, means that place would be good. My mind tells me to go Korea but in place of education, it's Japan. While my heart don't want to leave Malaysia. Haha, I'm soooo messed up!

Anyway, got my new semester's timetable. Oh I hate it. Monday and Tuesday class start from 8am till 7pm while the others from 8am and 12pm till 6pm. Where got time for assignment?!


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阿C said...

listen to your heart shin!

btw, b careful ven u go home since ur class is til so late~ :D