Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random 15

Was watching TV just now when my mom suddenly ask me:

Mom (M): You decided to go South Korea to continue your studies?

Me (D): Not sure yet, wait till I finish diploma 1st la.

M: If you decided then I find 1 day and go to the Republic of Korea Embassy to settle it for you.

D: Don't be hasty, let's wait 1st.

M: It's better to ask earlier. The more you wait, in the end nothing will happen.

D: *Speechless*

M: Let's get you into South Korea. You study there and work if possible. Find a girlfriend and marry and just stay there. Your dad and I will visit you once a while. Malaysia current economy is not that good. You might end up better overseas.

Great. What happened to my mom? She never want to send me overseas this much. I need to study really hard now. Since South Korea started to boost ties with ASEAN this year, the application might be easier.

And talking bout this ASEAN & S.Korea thingie, the S.Korea President will use the Korean music and drama to break the language barrier. SNSD and Super Juniors had been selected to be the ambassadors. Heck, yesterday when TV3's Bulletin Utama reported about this issue, they even show the MV of SNSD's Gee and also a glimpse of the meeting between them and reporters.

Register yourself and go to the link above

Further info of the news: SNSD Fansite

SNSD sure be included every single time I blog. *WTH*

Anyway, my hectic college days will be started tomorrow. So don't expect me to blog daily. Most I can do is every weekend. Oh, I haven't finish watching You Are My Destiny yet. 47 episodes more to go! 신 짱! 아자 아자 화이팅!!!


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