Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random 14

Sales sales sales. Went to Pavilion with my buddy Shukri today and faced lots of SALES banners. TANGS up to 70%, Esprit/EDC up to 50% and such. After filling up our stomachs and take away some donuts, I went into TANGS for some windows shopping impulsively. And god lucky I went in there to know the price. RM899.90 for a piece of tee?!! Even after 70% it will be RM269.97. Best priced tee cost at RM200+, tee with 30% off cost around RM400+ and so on. I'll never step foot in this expensive shop again, ever. Branding can make a certain things become more expensive.

I once favoured Salvatore Ferragamo for their shoes. But when I found out that they're made from ostrich skin, I felt like "you're putting your foot into a dead turkey for Christmas" (since the skin looks like turkey's). So long Salvatore, may we meet again when you decide to change different material (not that I'm buying anyway).

The best, still, will be Esprit/EDC. It does not discriminate the buyers, priced around RM49.90-RM229.90 for a shirt, you're literally spoiled for choice (well in this case, I am). Besides, if you're Esprit/EDC membercard holder, the discounted stuff can be discounted again by 10%-20%. How good is that? I got a tee originally priced at RM99.90 at only RM44.91 and another one last time at RM199.90 down to only RM99.90. EDC for life! (not entirely)

Valiram Group

Someone would have ask about the donuts now, here's the normal J.Co:

Someone would like these

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oh... long live Donutz!