Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random 16

Yesterday was a big day as part of Chin's life; his 21st birthday. And just before we reach to the place, a problem unveils near the rendezvous. Apparently Shuk had a tiny accident and we used up about an hour settling the it. Never mind this issue, we reached there safe and sound. Many long-lost fella were there; Sacho, CP and some juniors.

It was also the day where I got drunk literally for the 2nd time (I was drunk last time by consuming few glasses of whisky in Penang). Perhaps 3 glasses of Vodka plus Butterscotch still new to my golgi apparatus (credit to Lai for introducing me to this term). And we haven't even open the 5½ year old wine I brought along. Luckily I was sober enough to walk on my own and even had a bath before sleep. And lucky that I didn't vomit and pass out. Well, I'm still okay. Maybe I'll try not to drink so much next time; I ain't a drinker.

No pictures yet. Thanks to Chin for inviting me to his elaborate birthday event. And oh, Happy Birthday Wenni! Hope Mak makes you happy today :)

Unrelated video

"Listen Shawty shawty shawty, Super Jr's back." C'mon, Yoona's back from her hectic acting too!

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