Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random 17

"Again and again and again and again..... 늫어마러또속아 워 커으른지 몰라 워 커으른지 몰라 ~" simply typed

This is poisoning like Suju's Sorry Sorry *facepalm*

I hate this song at 1st because I heard it from their performance of which they can't sing at full content due to their dance steps. But then when I got the softcopy of the song, it kinda grows on me, like the way Sorry Sorry did. Thanks to Shuk for this poison. I'm still not interested with 2PM.

Anyway, SNSD 짱!

Incheon Festival ambassadors with robodogs dancing together

I bought a Seed messenger/sling bag today. Mom not really happy with the material used, "Why you choose this kind of leather? It'll tore easily." Good leather expensive la...... you think I don't like LV Soft Briefcase meh haha!

Soft leather

The LV bag that I fancy alot

Unobtainable dreamlist:
1. Bottega Veneta Crimson Intrecciato Nappa Briefcase 211437/VJ420 MYR14,350
2. Louis Vuitton Soft Briefcase M95779 USD2,420 (>MYR8,535)
3. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes 02-4116 USD495 (>MYR1746)
4. Brioni suits
5. Chopard L.U.C (Louis-Ulysse Chopard) XP
6. Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin

Today's quote:
"Once you start fancying branded items, there's no turning back."

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