Sunday, June 14, 2009

WooTeRs Club

This club first emerged during my secondary years where a few of my friends started to "Woot!" around the school perimeter. The matter was brought into the limelight when Adrian, suggested we have a club named "The Wooters" out of the blue. So here we are, still connected since then, attending parties, making outings and stuff together. Last week, our Planner/Organizer Shukri aka Grunty decided to put our club onto the internet (after several failed attempt throughout the year) by first entering Facebook. Click here for our Facebook group.

The President, Mak get back into the work of building our website (still in progress). Click here to checkout the outlines of the website. We need feedbacks and ideas regarding the construction of the website, and also the activities we should hold. Please direct your suggestion to our Facebook group or email us personally or PM us in Facebook.

Please note that the end-user agreement stuff are all fabricated for pure enjoyment. Do not take them seriously. However, if you would like to use our logo, please get our consent before doing that.

I missed her, but I know it's not gonna work. Scrap it.

Not related video (On my campaign of 1 video per entry)

Gee orchestra ver. This is getting mad.

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