Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fashion 4

(left) Natural rolled chino pants and vintage shirt that screams 80's, (right) Narrow sleeve, rolled trousers and oxford.

Givenchy (zhee-von-shi) released the collection of Gladiator-styled shoes x sandals. Wanna ditch that grunge feel but still dressed up like a rugged gladiator? Sandal x boots and shoes x sandals are hot in current trend.

Louis Vuitton released a few chic men bags and accessories. This one caught my interest:

Basic functionality.

For the women, try a pair of distressed super skinny jeans match with a pair of this Emanuel Ungaro branch heels.

Balmain distressed waxed biker jeans

Martin Magiela sandal boots

Well, the above items are all suitable for those rich fellas who have no place to spend their money, or to those that work for expensive labels as a fashion statement. Please be aware that I'm none of these fella and will not buy any of the stuff posted. Not that I'm tall enough to venture into such style anyway. But will really try to find essential cheaper alternative to create my own style, of which I lacked in.

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