Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wonder if it's my stress from recent multiple assignments deadline that caused constant Youtube-ings of SNSD videos.

Their goodbye stage from Music Core (MBC)

Jessica & Tiffany - Genie In A Bottle on ChinChin radio

Tae Yeon & Seo Hyun - Because You Loved Me on ChinChin radio

Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica and Soo Young - Wanna Be on Kiss the Radio

Friendship never ends~

Though I follow SNSD a lot, my favourite Korean songs remained the same till now.

Bi (Rain) - Love Story

Shocked of my choice when there's Rain in it? I like the voice he "churns" out when singing the song. If you notice (to those who's by my side), I will always hums or sing either Love Story or Mirotic. I like these two especially because I found it quite comfortable singing them, without much straining since it's kinda suitable to my voice. I'm not boasting :)

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