Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random 26

Decided to separate the Fashion x Random.

Not in the mood to blog nowadays thanks to the amount of stress I got from exams. Not that I study anyway =P

I think I suffer from few-hours-later-exam-insomnia that made my eyes wide opened every time I finished my last minute cramming.

Oh by the way, you guys heard of f(x)? They are the new girls group from SM Entertainment whom brings you SNSD. With Jessica's sister, Krystal inside, I've been anticipating this group emergence and their performances are subtle but packs a punch!

"Panjjak panjjak Sound o neul Style Joh eun geol~"

(left) Krystal the maknae, (right) Victoria the leader.

Kay Yan, I know how to differentiate Luna next time. So far I recognise Victoria, Amber, Krystal and Sulli. So the left out 1..... *haha!*

Here's the LA chA TA video by SM Entertainment:

And by the way, here's Super Junior M's Super Girl. Mandarin @.@

Gosh, I really dunno what to blog besides posting Kpop stuff which are roaming in my head. I've been preparing dramas and movies for my holiday, and guess what? I watched finished You Are My Destiny and Cinderella Man until episode 10 even before holiday starts LOL! Gonna stop watching now, don't wanna regret. And I prepared Boys Before Flowers too. By the way, you know that Hyun Joong? He got contracted with H1N1 during SS501 stay in Malaysia. No worries, he has recovered in Japan and now went back to Korea; Source.

Now lets see..... any nice drama can recommend me? =)

Really wanna try to dress like those fella I always post under Fashion tag, too bad my height isn't ideal. Being short really hard to match with fashion you know. And I don't have taste in fashion, so creating my personal style is just hard. "Go with plain tee and jeans then."

Listening to Super Junior 3rd album and G-Dragon 1st album.

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