Friday, September 18, 2009

Random 27

Exams finally over!!!!! *jumps around*

After countless time of sleepless night worth of last minute cramming, I am finally able to pull through the ever so stressful examination period.
Nah, just exaggerating; I'm not that studious. In a much refine way, I procrastinate through each paper. And regret is certainly there. As Shuk says, "Failure is part of life, accept it." Or in my own words, "Tough luck." *haha!*

Anyway, from yesterday till I was sitting for the exam, the song Again & Again kept playing in my mind. Maybe I was infested by the flawless dance steps that I memorized well? Or... nah I'm not gay mind you.

Oh to those that don't know what's Again & Again and 2PM, here's the video:

Here's something I would like to share; What would you do if you see the police in an Evo X?

You chase them of course! *LOL*

I'm not responsible of what may happen if you really give them a chase. Credits to Leonard.

Before I roll off, here's a funny picture (depends on how you decipher it):

Apparently the short girl group; Sunny, Tae Yeon, Hyo Yeon, Jessica and Tiffany heights aren't that ideal compared to tall girl group of Soo Young, Yuri, Yoona and Seo Hyun (especially when equipped with high heels). So that's the solution when they're filming for the bank CF.

Happy birthday Amber of f(x).

And also 생일 축하합니다, 개얜-씨 (aka cukai jalan) , in advance ;)

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