Monday, September 21, 2009

Random 28

To those with Scribblenauts in their Nintendo DS, try this;
I discovered something today. I summoned a few stuff; gangster, god, angel. Then I summoned demon, and a fight started between gangster and demon. But not the god nor angel. Gangster won. Then I summoned anaconda and dragon and warrior. Dragon beat anaconda, warrior slays dragon. I leave those human and god and angel there.

Okay, here comes the best part; I summoned vampire. Guess what? Even god was turned into a vampire after being bitten.

Nobody I summoned were able to kill him. Even I used machine gun, swords, mjolnir, dim sum (duh!), cannon, rocket launcher, tank... all were useless. And worse, everyone I summoned were turned into vampires (but looks like zombie) then all chase me around. Finally, I summoned holy water and threw to the vampire. And he turned into ash.

What a great way to pass your time *haha*

And erm, Syi Nee is leaving Malaysia for Taiwan this Thursday noon. So phone her up if you want and give your farewell. Or you can go KLIA and get your free hug. You won't get to hug... I mean see her in the next few years, or forever.


阿C said...

y so many goin to taiwan lar? 1 of my fren went there last week. T__T

Derrick Shin said...

Maybe because the university term starts around this period gua haha...