Friday, October 30, 2009

Random 29

Noticed I've been posting fashion pictures only. Don't really have any "inspiration" to write a usual blog entry nowadays.

Alas, I'm active! Go to gym on every Wednesday morning and badminton on every Thursday evening. Feel satisfied with such arrangements, the best being with most of Wooters' company. Yesterday night is the best of all, though I didn't play like usual in Badminton. Andy, George, SJ, Mak & Wenni, MC & Steph, Adrian, Kok Leong, Stephanie (Adrian's sis), Shukri, Boss and Yap all came for Badminton and we all went for tea time cum supper afterward. This being 64.7% of attendance from Club Wooters is the most successful unplanned gathering we've ever done. Sounds exaggerated, but yeah. Remember the 4S title? There's a new one now, the F4 - Fab four (actually it's Fat); MC, Yap, George and Andy *haha!*

Find myself very hard to save money as I can't restraint myself from consuming as much as my budget allows for my weight gain diet. While others been trying hard to keep fit *LOL*

Besides, my interest had changed from model kits to clothing. I found myself admiring at waxed distress biker jeans, high top sneakers, slim cut single button jacket, natural rolled chino and so on, making me crazier and crazier. Luckily, I'm poor and have no extra allowance, restraining myself from pouring money into this fashion-indulgence. And, I'm still interested into cars and bikes.

Now all I wish is that my wallet will be thick enough by the time Sheng is back from Aussie so that we all can go shopping once more. Oh, how I wish I could pass all my exams for this semester too...

Thought of this conversation (a cold joke kay...) during my tutorial class this evening;

Girl A: So, how was your date yesterday?
Girl B: He touched my heart!
Girl A: Awww... so what happened next?
Girl B: Of course I slapped him!!!
Girl A: But why? I thought he touched your heart?!
Girl B: Yeah, he touched my heart, with his hand!!!

Quick register in Mnet Asian Music Awards and vote for the song of your choice in the Overseas Viewer's Award. Deadline on 21st of November 2009. Current voting results as of point of writing 31st Oct, 12.31am.

Good luck too all the STPM takers, Adrian, Stephanie and not forgetting you Kay Yan =)
Advisory images: Smoking

Sorry for uploading so many images. In case your bandwidth been sucked dry, blame Malaysian broadband users for mass downloading.


Prince Vasquez said...

Very nice :) I like the Quick - Slow : Bullet - Cigar thing.. hehehe...

Could I use some of your image to my Digital SLR Photography Guide site?

If not, its ok.. :)

Derrick Shin said...

It's okay, those are not my pictures anyway =)

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