Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random 30

Happy 30th anniversary!!!!!!


Some healthy research:

- Do not eat in within 2hrs before your exercise/gym; The blood will be focused at your stomach instead of your body muscles.
- Want to train your body? Go jog/cycle until the fats from your body are not that obvious. It's useless if you do weightlifting and sit-ups when you have a tummy and fats on your arms/legs.
- Don't drink or eat during exercise. You'll ruin it.
- Don't eat 2hrs before your sleep and make sure you sleep at least 8hrs per day.
- Wanna gain weight? Drink milk every breakfast, lunch, after exercise and dinner. Remember to exercise to not gain excessive fats.
- Do exercise 3 times per week.

I'm currently following these rules the half-ass way; Exercise twice a week and not enough sleep per day. Results - Gained 2kg and a tummy *sad*

This week is an active week, as I had played basketball, went to the gym, badminton next and going for a swim tomorrow. Yeah, it's not that active but it's overloading for me.

Change topic, here's 소녀시대!!! So long didn't talk about them huh? I'm still in love with Tiffany alright. Was shocked when she revealed her ideal man is Jo Kwon from 2AM. WTH! Of all man she chooses him.....

Look at their tees

Happy high school feeling

Really love her hair. Did I tell you that I judge a woman first by her hair?

And here's my new Hong Kong heartthrob, Gloria Tang or known as G.E.M. (Get Everyone Moving). I knew her from the show Beautiful Cooking. Before this it was Ella Koon.

I'm 18 okay!

Alright that's all. Random right?

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