Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fashion 10

Here it goes again. Though Leopard print is in-trend for this fall, I didn't include the stuff related to it. Maybe next time?

(left) Model friends; notice the variants, (right) Thick red, Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses and rolled sleeve.

(left) Subtle and perfect, (right) Turquoise match.

(left) Amir in Lacoste polo and rolled shorts, (right) Tan lace-ups and messenger; my favourite.

Wonder how to fit with those Padini checked double breasted jacket? Try this.

The proper sleeve length by Mr. Schuman:

This is Dario, he works at Cesare Attolini; one of the top sartorial clothiers in the world. In the picture itself shows the perfect length for both the jacket/sleeve cuff ratio and shirt sleeve. The sleeves end right at the end of the wrist without having the shirt cuff buttoned.

This shows how the sleeve ends up during "action". The ride up is subtle; perfect fit for nice watch-wearers. So the next time you wanna tailor a shirt or jacket, don't hesitate to print out the picture or tell your tailor.

Source: The 4th entry

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