Friday, November 20, 2009

Jackson's Birthday

The birthday x barbecue party was held on last Saturday night. I'll let the pictures talk.

(left) The birthday boy - at the coming of age.

(from the left) Evan, Wai Kiang, Kiwi and me.

(from the left) Kwee Chin, Ee Yang, Molly, Kin Wai, Evan and me.

All grabbed Jackson after dining.

And hanged him on a rod of cane.

Before exploiting him with honey on grill.

Then the attention turned to AJJ.

And he got pulled down.

And exploited as well.

The 5-seconds of whiskey bottoms up.


While all these might be subtle yet happy, it dawn to me that my coming of age is just around the corner. And the tradition of birthday-boy being exploited in my group is rather silly. Let's hope I won't be at the centre of attention on that particular day.

Note: There are a ridiculous amount of pictures that I didn't post, seeing the condition and time are not right.

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