Saturday, November 21, 2009


소녀시대: 소원을 말해봐.
나는: Concert ticket!!!

What's the hype? Our beloved 소녀시대 is holding their 1st ever Asia Tour Concert, to be held in Seoul, Shanghai and Bangkok!

Yes, their 1st ever solo concert. And imagine the power of SNE when all the 2-days worth of concert tickets (about 12,000+) had been sold out in just 3-minutes! The break even point is about 5,000+ tickets per day, and SM Entertainment planned to sell only 6,000-7,000 tickets each day. Obviously SM Entertainment had underestimate them ever since the girls had been treated with the "Black Ocean" on Dream Concert last year and got boo-ed in SMTown concert in Shanghai. But they did it! Much greater than S.E.S., Fin.KL and Wonder Girl of which none of them even reach the break even point of tickets selling.

So to those who've been aiming for the performance in Shanghai and Bangkok, train your finger to click faster and go somewhere with fast broadband connectivity to successfully buy the tickets online.

More information about the concert: SNSDKorean 1 | SNSD Korean 2

On the other hand, I've successfully spreading the greatness of SNSD to my friends; those in college and working. Imagine hearing people sing Gee wherever you go... okay that's a nuisance. I've also created a 2nd SNSD userbar by using their latest picture from SPAO which I posted in Random 30 because the 1st userbar is too old (available here at SNSD 6).

It means So Nyeo Shi Dae Hwaiting!

Those who's able, please go to their concert. And scream!!!

(left) Tiffany: I'll be waiting for you, (right) Yoona: Remember to come, or else...

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