Saturday, November 28, 2009

My birthday

3 days ago was my birthday and it was hot. No, not the celebration but the day. After many days of rainfall from morning til night, God bestowed me with scorching heat for the whole day. It was dull with no celebration, no nothing as I didn't plan for anything.

Except the excitement of the countless Birthday wishes from ALL OF YOU and also the fact that my groupmates and I went to the internet cafe for a tryout on the newest multiplayer Left4Dead:2 which was until the computer graphic let us down and hanged.

I survived from the scorching heat and took a nap at home. Woke up and someone called me. Who? It says Wenni, it was Mak alright. He turned up at my home, and wa-la!

Wenni was holding a full chocolate cake. Baked by them personally for my birthday. I was shocked, or flabbergasted to the point of being speechless. Then calls kept coming in, and I faster took my dinner and MC and Stephanie came and many things happened at the same time then at last we all went for a night supper joined by Teh, Liang, Yap sushi and Shuk.

Here's picture of the chocolaty cake;

Tasty-looking huh?

In a nutshell, many many thanks to all who wishes me whether verbally or not, and Cyndy for your Christmas card and also Steph, you remember your promise kay.

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