Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random 31

Short update.

Some may know about this; here's my new dog, Bibi.

Biting her favourite bone

Why caged? Because that's the only moment I can snap her picture. Otherwise, she will run all around the house, jump here and there, like what's she doing at this very moment.

KLCC decors'

Christmas is around the corner, and I'm feeling the warmth of it. Christmas carols are playing in my mind. Well, what to say when tonnes of assignments and projects finally ended?

Sheng is back from Aussie for holiday, we went to shopping malls a lot. Mid Valley on both Saturday and Monday (yesterday) to shop. And we watched Avatar in 3D! Gosh it was amazing. Simply superb. You should really really really watch it and don't even think about going to pee during the show. Oh, Pavilion this Friday anyone?

Listening: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Henry Mancini


阿C said...

is dat the said lost bone? :p

Derrick Shin said...

Yeah haha... I bought another 1 anyway.