Monday, January 4, 2010

Fashion 15

Total cravings.

Esquire UK January issue posted up a topic on "How to wear Denim".

Five Denim Don'ts
1. If your waist is bigger than 32in, then avoid very skinny jeans.
2. Ripped jeans, especially pre-ripped jeans, are embarrassing.
3. Don't worry about the brand, concentrate on getting the shape right.
4. Don't wear baggy jeans with smart leather shoes.
5. Don't forget that stiff, unwashed denim will shrink when you wash it.

I have a rather expanded wish list for stuff to be considered on the next Chinese New Year. This includes shoes and sandals. A man can live with a pair of jeans, but definitely not a pair of shoes. No, you don't wear your work shoes or school sneakers to a dinner or function.

Here are the kind of shoes that I want:

Tanned lace-up; good for slim denim or natural rolled chino.

Havaianas Brazil; great for casual outing with shorts.

Victoria Espadrille plimsolls; great for slim/skinny jeans.

The reason I like this kind of slip-on is that it looks pretty basic in essence. Just slip it on and you're good to go. And the plus point is that it don't have that conventional slip-on plimsolls design. Having difficulty in finding them here.

Rachel Comey Espadrille; hemp-sole with basic lace design.

Good: Zara sells about the same plimsolls at very reasonable price. Bad: They only brings the red checkers canvas which does not suit me.

News: Zara on sale right now until the end of January 2010. Quick grab what you want for Chinese New Year!


Have a look at this, guys: Building a metrosexual wardrobe by Terence Sambo. You will learn about the basic types of clothing for everyday stylish approach.

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