Friday, January 8, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

Talk. Text. Time.
Pureness by Sony Ericsson

Yes, this might be old news but I'm thoroughly in love with the simplicity and charm of this pure phone. It might not have a camera, which I can substitute with a digital camera, or even make a video call, which I do not fancy anyway. The design speaks for itself, being capable of doing what every other common phones are able of. Oh, but not the transparent-hologram-appearing text. This is the most simple phone with high-end design which will certainly appeal to a certain fashionista.

Inactive mode

Active mode

Unique & Exclusive
It is only available in selected stores. Built with light enameled metal in such a squarish design and a transparent screen with chrome contours, its pureness will certainly astonishes the hand of the beholder.

Simple black and white tone with multifunction keys are certainly the way to make a fashion statement. You can make calls, sms, watch video and listen to mp3 directly without hassle.

Pureness service
The Xperia Service lets you to customize the Pureness according to your preferences. In case your phone stops functioning abroad, you will get a replacement within 48 hours. The Pureness Concierge is a personal service where you can book your way like a V.I.P. into the finest restaurants, nightclubs, events and others.

Sony Ericsson Pureness / XPERIA from Materialiste Paris on Vimeo.

Sony Ericsson Pureness / XPERIA - Detail from Materialiste Paris on Vimeo.

Memory up to 88MB (phone) and 2GB (media)
HSPA 2100 (internet browsing at broadband speed)
USB support
Exchange ActiveSync
FM radio
Alarm, calculator, calendar, flight mode

Source: Materialiste | Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

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