Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fashion 17

Of twist and gender-bender.

First and foremost a congratulations to SOLE WHAT? for being successful in their limited Adidas x Star Wars collaboration launch on last Tuesday.

More can be found here: Star Wars Invasion | adidas x STAR WARS
Picture belongs to SOLE WHAT?

(left) They are popular once again, those patent leather oxford shoes, (right) Cuffed jeans, love the selvedge jeans.


You see a women in tastefully tailored men-cutting suit. (GQ Korea's Fashion Director Jeeyong Kang)

But have you seen a man in perfect fit suit jacket and skirt?

From Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy Menswear Fall Winter 2010

Match with a tee, or just go without one.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2010 collection

Perfectly tasted kilt with high-top sneakers and boots on manly men.

No, those skirts are ridiculous, at least for me. Won't see anyone wearing them out anytime so soon. But the kilts are seriously "in" right now. Famous people wearing them in France and Italy, why not Malaysia?

As seen on kate loves me

Pelayo in Comme des Garçon kilt.

Will be going for a very light shop after exam coming this Wednesday. Aiming to get either a bleached jeans or shoes from Zara. Both being very rare right now as it's the end of their sales season. Still can't find the perfect tanned lace-up within my budget, while the jeans don't have my size at other branch.

Zara leather trainers; the sole build looks flimsy.

Zara tanned leather brogues; like the leather but not the design.


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