Saturday, January 23, 2010

SNSD Oh! Released Teaser

The teaser is up and running! Released on 23rd of January 2010 at 12am Korean time.

This time, they made a comeback in another concept; Cute cheerleaders. Reminds you of "Hey! Mickey" right? The song is a little reminiscent of the catchy Gee song with the 80's effect embedded in. Expect another great year from them!

Remember their comeback stage is on the 30th this month on MBC Music Core.


[NewsEn Reporter Lee Mihee]

SNSD's teaser video for their second album title song , 'Oh', was revealed on January 23rd, at 0:00 am. 

'Oh' Teaser video was revealed for the first time on the portal site Naver Music. SNSD's teaser video was 30 seconds long, and showed the viewers a different and new side of them that fit the theme of their new title song, 'Oh'.

As soon as SNSD's comeback was announced, it climbed to the 1st spot in various portal sites, receiving a tremendous interest from the general public. As a matter of fact, their fans were already doing a countdown to the teaser video, waiting patiently while counting the hours that remained. 

'Oh' is an electronic-Pop song, a genre that carries a distinctive melody and has a catchy composition that catches the listeners' attention immediately and gives them a lively and uplifting energy, a characteristic that only SNSD can give to their songs.

On the released teaser video SNSD is seen sporting a colorful checkered and stripes patterned fashion. Furthermore, their short stockings are used as their 'point', attracting the public attention with their fashion code.

In other news, SNSD's second album 'Oh' will be released on January 28th, and will have their first performance of 'Oh' on January 30th on MBC's 'Music Core'.
Source: NewsEn
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