Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion 19


It is known that the famous fashion spotter Mr. Schuman 'Sartorialist' snap photo of people not only by the sense that they are fashionista. But also by the aura they produce at a glance.

 (left) The mixing of shawls and knitted cardigan; the shawl knot, (right) Ray-Ban Wayfarer, leather jacket, faux fur vest, men's carrot-cut trousers and steep wedges.

(left) Her squarish tanned leather backpack and bleached denim, (right) Long sleeve one-piece incorporated with slightly torn thigh-high.

His clever idea of accessorizing the otherwise boring black shirt underneath. Note the buttons on the blazer too.

Hi-tops with front and rear lace-ups and zip at the rear to ease wearing.

NDC is also bringing the shoes higher, especially their boat shoes.

Soft espadrilles and rough tanned leather lace-up.

The original maker of boat shoes in the world. Bringing you high-tops.


Simplicity at its best. 

I like the lace-ups with wooden sole. Saw one at Topshop but it's meant for female :(

My rushed-shopping venture. My faithful khakis is being tailored to fit currently. Hopefully will be nice. Shopping again this Friday!

(left) PU brown Smart Ranger slim belt, (right) Grey Razor Super Short.

"Bejeweled" illustrated tee.


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