Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

To us Chinese. No matter how you change your appearance, you are still a Chinese. A Chinese always stay true to be a Chinese regardless of the religion. Be proud. Be true. Happy Chinese New Year people. 

Year of the tiger

Tiger symbolizes strength and valour. But these things won't come to you even you consume tiger meat or wear tiger skin. It is nonsense. Please, think wisely. Eating a tiger hunted by others doesn't put you in the non-guilty list. As long as there are demands, people will keep hunting tiger illegally. Stop this barbaric actions. Eat only farm animals, wear faux furs/skin.

Enjoy the festive season with good health to all your family members.

1st and 2nd picture source: ChinaA2Z | Photos8

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