Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion 21

I was flipping the pages of my TopGear magazine when I noticed 1 thing featured in the TopGear section (no really) where they put in the latest gadgets and fashion stuff; BookBook.

Comes in the guise of a vintage book design, it features a hardback leather case that withstand rigorous abuse, soft padded interior and a zip. It is tailor-made for Macbook and Macbook Pro with options of 2 colours; Classic Black and Vibrant Red. And when I say tailor-made, I mean that there are no two BookBook alike. Priced at $79.99. Via twelvesouth - BookBook.

Studio D'Artisan Jeans Brown Duck Canvas Jean via Selectism

 This is love. Raw and unwashed 100% cotton, extra thick leather patch and heavy weight #6 thread woven.

Bench made shoes in Northampton since 1886. These dress shoes are perfect! Price from £295. Press link above for more shoes.

Ransom x Adidas Originals Spring 2010 via Sole What

(left) Pier and Bluff, (right) Curb.
Sole What had as usual brought in newest street style shoes from overseas. This time it's the collaboration between Ransom and Adidas Originals. It's a twist from the usual bulky shoes from Adidas!


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