Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random 34

Sorry for being late; Condolence to Kay Yan for her beloved grandpa.

*Moment of silence*

Okay, happy birthday to Stephanie and Tan. Great having movie and night tea with you people. And sorry I didn't foresee your birthday as well Tan. Anyway, here's what I prepared for Stephanie. Shared by 4 others, Shuk, SJ, Boss and Yap. After considering what she will and will not wear, and also what she have and vice versa, I got her these at 1st;

Hairclips from Forever 21

Then I was looking for this shorts in TopShop Sunway Pyramid but sold out. Went all other places but to no avail. Thought of having her dress like Yoona did for a change. Scrap the idea and got her something else.

And we got her this instead, textured orange leather bag.

Originally I was planning to pack the shorts like this. Once got the bag, I can't find a large size box to fit it in. And that's after I found a perfect orange box! Seriously everything's against us on that day.

All DIY by me. Looks cheap huh?

That's all. Hope she likes them. And she still thought there's Honey Star in the big box when she gave it to her thanks to the prank we pulled on her last birthday.

Hermes box unwrapping pictures courtesy of  MyManyBags.

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