Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random 35

"I admit that I have very specific taste in women. She does not need to look like a supermodel but must be pleasant, sweet and attractive. Having short hairstyle is a must. She does not need to be tall and have a little more meat on her bones. She needs to exude charisma with just a smile. She has to brighten the room that she walks into. She must also be articulate, laughs properly and have a voice that is not squeaky. She has to be intelligent, smart and witty. Bonus points if she can catch my tongue. Grand prize for me if she can cook decent meal. And most important of all, she needs to know when to do the little things that make me fall in love with her all over again. I know she exist, I just know it."
Quoted from someone over a MiTo.

Funny isn't it? Having the same taste.

Remember 2 months back where I mentioned of having a room rearrangement? It's here anyway, Random 33. I actually changed it after CNY and forgotten to update. So here it is.

Really boring actually. My family and I will be moving to another house soon, wonder if my dad will actually let me choose my own wall color...

And if you don't mind humor with bits of vulgarity, check this out: Comics, Quizzes and Stories - The Oatmeal. You will find something like these:


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