Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach Trip 1 - Sepang Goldcoast

On the 13th of June, which is about 2 weeks back, I went on a beach trip with Mak&Wenni, MC&Steph, In June, Shuk, Yap and Liang. We didn't swim, nor played with water; we had picnic and barbecue instead. This trip didn't took long to plan, just few days and we're off. 

In June, Mak&Wenni and me went to Carrefour Subang the day before to get all the stuff needed for the picnic and barbecue, went home prepare the food, and set out in the morning of Sunday. We had breakfast, dim sum, at Maxim nearby my house. Then we went to Sepang Goldcoast as our first destination for picnic.

Pictures ahoy~

On the way

Our picnic spot under a big tree


And crabs




And craze


Into the mood.

That's all for the Goldcoast's picnic. More about Sepang Goldcoast: Web 1 | Web 2


Anonymous said...

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milkfrotheralert said...

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