Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach Trip 2 - Port Dickson

Here we continue on to the second half of the trip. We set off from Sepang Goldcoast before 4pm to Port Dickson. It's a great stretch of twisty road with lots of chance to play around with your car's handling. We reached there, set up fire and burn away!

Pictures ahoy~

Journey and arrivals

By the seaside

Friends at our side

Under the same sky

Do things we like

Jump and act

On joy and relieve

Relax and watch the sunset

While feast on meats

Or have fun playing

With love and happiness

Defying hatred, holding friendship

When the waves' up

You know when you're in love with the sunset.

That's it for our wonderful trip. Tiring but fun and relaxing. A great way to spend your weekends. From all these, I can't deny that I realised something. People been telling me to get one, but maybe it is not the time, yet. I just can't seem to find the right one. Till then, any takers?

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