Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion 57

I'll include my thoughts on the pictures this time. Interesting batch whence I took them.

I remember back in one of my shopping day, I came across those floral-themed and mixes men's shirts in Topman. I thought, why don't I try to mix one of these and be outstanding? But then that would defeat the purpose of my personal style; to be understated.

These reminds me of a conversation with a passe-satorial friend of mine who came back from Australia. He was, as I described earlier, in check with his personal style and have a good sense of what to mix and not. But recently, he clad in beachwear with reason that Malaysia's weather is too hot to dress in proper (however that's not the case for formal dinner). I have to admit that his sense was somewhat spoiled and wish to bring him back to what he was before. During our stroll in shopping mall for a pair of casual low-cut shoes, I kept pestering him of leather and suede lace-ups. He said he'll only wear sandals for such weather. I countered by saying, "You will pass this stage and proceed to a higher one; leather shoes."

(left) Accessories are vital to an otherwise bland clothing, (right) You don't see many ladies wear shoes here.

Slim-cut cargo pants still here.

Remember the fabric post? Herringbone and Harris tweeds!

Outstanding summer colors!

Can't believe military styles are still on even after a year. This somehow proof that you don't need to follow the trend; just make your own personal style!

Au revoir!

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