Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Much of a Reflection

Roll the time and new semester officially started. Though I'm still at home right now. Haven't enrol yet. And don't know what subject to take. I still remember back in the beginning of January, I was immersed in shopping fever that lead to a series of Pavilion-visiting days. Remember my post Not So Quick Shop? I stated that went to Pavilion (and KLCC) on the 1st and 2nd of January. And then I went to Pavilion on the 3rd too. Bravo!

The third day was tiring, maybe because of the endless strolls. It is not my shopping day, but the girls. I knew they would be taking a 'walk' after the movie (New Year's Eve), regardless of Mak and Wenni invited me for dinner at Lot 10's Hutong. So, Sheng, Shuk and me kinda accompanied them while checking out stuff too. 

They finally got to hug The Chipmunks displayed at GSC after missing the chance last time.

Remember the Christmas decorations? They cleared them up in one night and replaced with this dragon. Blimey!

I was bored...

But they do posed...

Went through lot of shops and she was interested into many things, including this. Which was ultimately ditched later.

I was bored again LOL...

I stayed at home in the next few days, cleaning the fans, windows and so on. Not until Saturday where I was  dragged out without knowing where (which was Mid Valley/The Gardens) for lunch. Room18 sucks, there was a food fair, and I found few pair of nice shoes by DC, Converse and Vans. Oh I need a short pants! We conclude the day with Gong Cha!!! Really nice, better than Ochado that I tasted back in Pavilion. 

Tea, cream milk and nice thingy. Superb! I think the name is Signature Winter Melon something tea. LOL!

Then we had supper at night outside my house, chatting so gingerly happy (random sentence). Now, it's time to pack up and go back Nilai for my new semester!!! Bye!

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