Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoe Crazy

Recently I've been crazy in searching for the right shoes. I searched/browsed online, on daily basis, for the right maroon/burgundy suede shoes. Yup, only in that particular colour and material. Because I know I want it. Very badly. This is actually triggered by my dad (yup, blaming him now); he bought a pair of Puma Suede Classic in Ensign Blue. I always loved suede, and been keeping an eye on Puma shoes too. And the idea of maroon suede just popped straight into my thought the moment I saw that pair of shoes.

So, what shoes I put into consideration?

Friggin' love this shoe; Adidas Busenitz Skateboarding in Maroon.

Went to Mid Valley/The Gardens for dinner with Shuk, Mak & Wenni at Dome today. Reached there earlier so I went into Studio R with Shuk first in hope for it. They don't have it. 

Then I searched for different target. The Puma Suede Classic Burgundy. Well, it's not there but guess what I found? A different Suede (I dunno whether its Classic, Eco or Tropics) in two-tone; mulberry purple body, burgundy toe-tongue. Can't find the picture online though.

Puma Suede Classic Burgundy and Mulberry Purple with Pompeian Red. The two-toned Suede, RM229 (or RM239).

Next, Vans! It is not the most favourable choice, but what to do when there's no choice? And out of expectation, I found the pairs I saw online, all of them. Whatthehell!

Vans Era Reissue NS CA. In-store it is of higher quality with threaded sole, RM269.

Then I walked over to Sole What at The Gardens for more scouting. Yup, the Vans are there and so were those shoes I loved but too high priced.

 Vans Era Summer of 77. Two-toned suede, RM229.

Interesting colour scheme. Nike Blazer Low Vintage QuickStrike, RM249.

Now which pair to buy? I thought I would at least get the Puma Suede Burgundy in case the Adidas Busenitz is not available but ended up both were the same case. Sigh.

Anyway, ciao!

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