Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion 58

Inspiration. Or pure copy? I wonder where do I head in the sense of my own style. Had that vision in my mind, but was later rejected due to prompt shop and now ended up in another.

Hided pink underneath. Navy is really hot right now.

(left) The interesting shirt, (right) Tail, don't forget the tail!

Navy shirt. Herringbone tweed jacket. Military camouflaged trouser and backpack. 'Nuff said.

(left) Burgundy cardigan intrigued my desire of a matching shoes, (right) Boot, hmm...

Not her style, but her expression.

I watched Friends for Benefits recently and I noticed a lot of interesting stuff; no not the sex scenes but fashion! Justin Timberlake's especially. As I bought a navy shorts, I am really interested into this colour until I dump the idea and purchasing burgundy/maroon cardigan and shoes. Nah, actually 'cos I realised I need a new bag. 

(left) Navy chino with white shirt and matching tie, (right) Navy khaki shirt, chino and interesting tie.

He matches both with a good pair of tanned leather lace-up shoes, of which I like the most in terms of leather shoes. These really sparked my inner desire to the point I searched online for the pieces. But not enough budget, meh.

Au revoir!

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