Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Well its back; The annual Earth Hour, to go beyond the 60 minutes. This year, many business corps chose to participate; for example selected outlets (Ben's, Bistro42, Canoodling, Ricetaurant, Plan b, etc) from BIG, ZARA and Whisk Espresso Bar + Bake Shop will turn off their non-essential lights.

However, I am not as hyped as before; even questioning myself whether will I switch off all the non-essential electrical appliances at home. Although such actions might lower own carbon emission, it is unmistakably an irresponsible action as the national power provider would made losses in economical point of view, as in waste of unused energy. 

You see, the power generated at power plant does not go up and down according to demand but rather moves at constant with a few extra power plants and stores for peak periods. So if more and more people just switch off all electrical appliances, imagine the money and power lost! But, if there are that many people willing to do their part for Earth Hour, the power provider might even schedule a special power-rating-generation. Which... might not happen as you wouldn't know what human nature dictates. If power demand suddenly rises during that particular period, there would be shortage of power. Headache? Aha!

Whole in whole, Earth Hour doesn't just demand you to switch off non-essential electrical appliances during the event, but also during everyday life. To reduce power usage would be to reduce carbon emission. Be a responsible user peeps!

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