Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion 61

I'm starting to feel a bit of annoyance at what people may describe as freedom of art or fashion or just plain lifestyle. If you had been following fashion blogs/sites, you may already noticed that many important fashion figures were smoking. To them, smoking may undoubtedly helped in releasing stress and may even temporarily open up ideas. To me, it is the healthy image that is important. I don't only admire people with strong personal style, be it effortless or symmetry, but also people with strong sense of health consciousness.

(Left) Forget about burgundy/maroon, red is definitely in the season, (Right) The French stripes, I missed a shirt with that.

(Left) Summer is here so is tribal colours, (Right) Just fits together effortlessly.

(Left) Varsity jacket is nice; I tried once and might buy one before Hong Kong.

(Left) Navy, royal blue, denim indigo, what more you need? (Right) Olivia Palermo's screaming wild.

(Left) Look at that fantastic knitted dress! (Right) The aura she exudes.

Au revoir!

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