Thursday, May 30, 2013

A 'Cuppa' Journey

I would very much like to name this entry an Adventure, but I thought it'd best to reserve that word for future use. Right, journey then. 

I remember my first venture into the coffee territory; I was barely 11 when my mother would bring me to nearby Starbucks for Frappuccino or just settle for an occasional take-away. At that time, I was delighted at the slurp of it, cold and sweet substance gush through my throat. By the time I was 14, I had a group of school mates whom I always hang out with at the Suria KLCC. That was the moment when I fell in love with the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Their coffee, not to say bespoke, had this special taste that eliminate the Starbucks experience I had before. And not to mention the former actually invented ice blended coffee! 

A few years later, I had grown such an appetite, or you might say addiction, to a special brew of coffee from a selected local kopitiam (coffee shop). Why special brew? Unbeknownst to some, the coffee powder they used to brew kopi (coffee) is actually ground-coffee mixed with herbs and sometimes chicory. The coffee beans were also fried with butter to enhance the taste beforehand. The grounded mix grains are coarse and used in large quantity during filter (with long-thick strainer). Then, resulting filter coffee will be mixed with sweet condensed milk and/or evaporated milk before being served. Why condensed milk? It's because of easier storage back in the days.

It wasn't until recently I've grown fond of commonly-prepared coffee from the Europe/Australia. Especially latte and cappuccino. I went beyond the syrup and prefer espresso with just milk. Remember the last time I had this entry talking about my dream of opening a coffee shop? Well, I still do, in fact I very much wanted to be a part time barista of proper coffee right now! 

I went to a few cafe with good reviews of their coffees just to have a taste of their latte. Of course, they did not let me down, fairing good but there is just one place which I couldn't forget the latte they made for me. Artisan Roast of TTDI, thank you for the best latte I ever taste so far (and also the cappuccino and French quiche). I would pay more visit to the previous cafe and also the others (e.g., espressolab, Top Brew Coffee Bar, Coffee Stain by Joseph and RAWcoffee, to name a few) while enhancing my own knowledge towards coffee beans, preparation methods and types of drinks. Single-origins? That would have to wait.

(left to right) espressamente illy Pavilion, Antipodean Cafe Menara Tan&Tan, and Artisan Roast Coffee TTDI.

Of course, being a sweet tooth myself, I would pay an occasional visit to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Pacific Coffee Company. Ciao!

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