Sunday, June 9, 2013

Found my cup of latte

I remember few years back, as recent as 5 years, when I was initially exposed to the then niche luxury brands such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain, etc, nobody (in my circle and places I went) know of them. People would always mention of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Versace and Chanel but not the other similar level brands. Wind back to this year, I was shock at how mainstream Givenchy had become (if not Balenciaga). Thanks to Riccardo Tisci, nouveau rich youth these days wear the floral pattern, stars, Rottweiler and shark patterns from Givenchy, other than stuff from Clot, SSUR, 40ozNYC, etc. 

The similar pattern happened to coffee. Back in the days (that depends on your perspective, but to me it was 5 years ago or more), Starbucks or Coffee Bean would be the place everyone want to be affiliated when it comes to coffee. Now, cafe and restaurant offering coffee, good and bad, grown like algae on a rainy day. Yup, not just mushrooms but algae. Even yours truly got into this coffee bandwagon and was on a mission to find myself the perfect cup of latte available in Kuala Lumpur-Selangor. So far, I've found it.

Through online survey, I stepped into RAWcoffee, Artisan Roast coffee, espressamente illy, Antipodean and Coffea Coffee to try on coffee of common preparation; latte and cappuccino with the former my favourite. Usually, espresso would come to mind for anyone whom want to taste the inhouse coffee blend and the barista's skills in creating that cup. To me, espresso just won't do as the time I visit these cafe is late in the evening/night. 

Cappuccino from (left) espressamente illy, and (right) Antipodean.

From these cafe too, I found that only Artisan Roast (AR) provide that memorable cup/glass of latte and cappuccino. Coffea Coffee's (CC) Maestro blend, which is supposed to be richer than their mild Madonna blend, taste milkier than it was supposed to be; I can hardly taste the acidity! Both AR and CC boast relaxing environment. Antipodean and espressamente illy provide a good cup, but not that memorable once you had taste AR's. Oh, and did I tell you RAWcoffee's similar with AR's? Yup, both of them make good cuppa. 

Coffea Coffee, (top to bottom) Counter, caramel macchiato and cappuccino, and iced latte.

Of course, I won't stop here as I will visit more cafe for comparison. However, Artisan Roast will still be in my weekly stop for that cup of latte. Now I hope I had the chance to pay Coffee Stain by Joseph, espressolab, Typica Cafe and Top Brew Coffee Bar a visit. 

Artisan Roast, (top to bottom) Indoor decors, outdoor seats, and iced latte.

I do have another mission though, to start buying various blend of beans from coffee shops to make my own cuppa at home. Oh, and to try espresso and single-origins filter next. Till then, ciao!

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