Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fashion Sixty6

Winter has come, or so they say. It's this time of the year again where people begun to layer themselves up heavily with coats, scarves and whatnot (at least, in countries away from the equator). It is no different this year, only with something that warrant my attention; two types of colour themed groups. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Seriously, what's with the camel/beige again?

(left) Traditional feature with modern touch, (right) Linear abstract.

A different approach in jacket pairing.

(left) The nature is not dead, (right) That signature Chanel SS2014 eye-makeup.

(left) That colour again, (right) I like how the colour fades on the chambray/denim.

The begin of another colour-scheme; orange. Note: That Celine.

(left) The brightness of tectonic proportion, (right) I'm a peacock, I can fly!

Not so little red riding hood.

Mode of transport.

Visual analysis; similar subject but different condition. Great photographer.

The cool factor of female.

Personal favourite; I loves sneakers that resemble classic runner like these. Kudos!

Recently, I have been working in an event where many staffs/crews flew over from Hong Kong and Singapore. As the exposure to fashion over those two countries were enormous when compared to here, they were dressed in streetwear naturally. The styles they donned were radical; street culture snapbacks, top with bold statements, harem/track/skinny bottoms, and outstanding sneakers. This style flourished on the streets of South East Asian countries, even more than high street fashion that I have been posting. Will I transit to such dressing manner? Who knows...

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