Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fashion 65

After 6 months of idling, and also the fact that I direct my focus to local street style scene (Kuala Lumpur), I noticed there is a lack of emotion or colour in life. Currently, the local scene (the few famous ones) is dominated by packs of dull, emotionless high-street brands followers. Black and white are the primary colour, with addition of big fonts and stripes. Fast forward to now, I had forgotten how dynamic fashion had been. I realised there are colours in life as I re-enter the world of bright, colourful rainbow of internet. The following depict various expression of freedom and happiness, enjoy!

(left to right) Sharp and sleek, I must get myself the long sleeve,
people had forgotten how carefree it is to stay away from safe wardrobe; you can be happy with irregularity!

(left) Natural earthy headband, (right) The make-up.

(left) That top! (right) The make-up again.

(left) Just the right colours, (right) She brings justice to female's black outfit; KL had been pestered with those in tees and pants!

Something that had been missing in the local street style photography; that VIBRANT SMILE.

No, not the glasses but the TOP.

The reiteration of workers shirt as outer layer.

(left) Gone are the couples' tees, (right) Look how good a simple one-piece can be.

(left) Something that had plagued the local scene; brand power (read Kenzo), (right) The earthy-denim collab.

From the 6 months of hiatus, I had been somewhat influenced into changing my wardrobe to dull black, again. But after all these, I realised style is really something very personal. A style can change whenever you decide, regardless of season. It is always ideal to keep a dynamic wardrobe to have better empowerment in swapping outfits. 

Au revoir.

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