Sunday, November 24, 2013

VCR Coffee Shop Kuala Lumpur

This entry came rather late considering the fact that I actually visited this coffee shop back in their official opening day on the 10th of October. And it's name is just VCR, nothing else comes afterwards. The reason I placed the following words in case you misinterpret this entry as the classic video tape we used to be familiar with (unless you're born after the golden era). 

If you followed my blog, you'd noticed by now that I rarely post a single entry of a specific cafe. In fact, I've only posted the place I'd frequent; Artisan Roast HQ. So why VCR? It's is one of the three coffee shops I found comforting, warm and relaxing. Not superficial in any sense (which a lot other cafe gave), this place give you the feeling of hitting a friendly neighbourhood coffee shop by a friend of yours. Except you won't just hang around for a while, you'd actually want to spend the whole day lazying in this comfortable 'shack'.

(left) VCR bold front fascial, (right) The interior is splashed with natural light.

And what do VCR stands for? I asked Jerng, one of the partners barista, "It's just video cassette recorder." I knew what was VCR, but didn't actually expected that. I thought it would be something like Verve Coffee Roasters or some sort. So why VCR? There is a long story behind the conception of this cafe but let's just simplify it; the cafe is in some kind of partnering/collaboration (not sure whether it's right to use the terms) with a graphic design/creative design firm named Used Tape and the former took over the ex-office of the latter.

The coffee-bar; they're using Synesso Hydra espresso machine.

So how about the coffee served? Fret not, I don't enjoy a coffee shop simply by the comfort level or fancy decors. They are serious about their coffee, constantly asking for feedbacks and aiming for improvement. Currently, the beans in the hop for espresso are Sumatra Kuda Mas Mandheling . If you're an avid coffee connoisseur, you'd know this beans give bold, chocolatey, heavy body at the right acidity for milk coffee. All of which I very much like any cup of latte/cappuccino here. 

A perfect cup of latte (sounds familiar? Look here.)

As I visited the place on it's opening day, they're still not ready to serve filter/pourover to the customers. But as I asked for it, Joachim, the partner barista and also founder of CafeHop KL, did not hesitate to share the highly acclaimed Jamaica Blue Mountain brought over by a friend from Beans Depot. We also spent some time sharing information over the coffee, mostly education from the baristas. As of now, do ask for hand-brew/filter coffee and have some quality conversation.

Hand-dripped Jamaican Blue Mountain on the house.

Oh and do remember to fill your tummy before heading here as they do not serve hot meals at the moment. But they do serve cakes and sweeties in case you wanted something to bite. Rain or shine, this place would be perfect to escape from the bustling city, sipping your coffee, having conversation, reading, or just observe at passers-bys.

Opens from 8.30am to 11pm daily.
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
Look for grey corner lot beside/behind the Swiss Garden.
Tel: 016-668 0135

Edited: Correction from not getting my facts right before publishing LOL. Thanks Jerng and Joachim!


Jerng said...
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Jerng said...

Thanks for the mention, Derrick.

Fact check: I have never been a partner of VCR PLT. I am currently a trainee barista at the cafe. I might also have worked on the initial project setup, but that's ancient history. ;)

Joachim Leong said...

Hi Derrick,

Thank you for both your reviews on here and Beanhunter.

Just to clarify too, I am not a partner at VCR but just a humble barista in training.

Do drop by for a chat and we'll be happy to share the coffee we have at the brew bar :)


Derrick Shin said...

Hey ya Jerng and Joachim,

Sorry for not getting my facts right before publishing. And thanks you both for the clarification and the good coffee!