Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random 6

Facebook is bitching the whole day. Loads so sloooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww.

Streamyx is also bitching, for 3 times!


I took about 40 minutes to boost everyone. Another 20 minutes to reload the damn Farm Town app. Others? Don't mention. That's not all. My internet connection has been playing with me since Tuesday night. Suddenly disconnected without reason, DHL blinking, can't reconnect no matter what I tried. Gave up. It reconnects the next morning, then before I go to college, the damn thing happened again. Came back, still in dire condition. It reconnects again late in the evening, and disconnected after about 2 hours. My dad's screaming (not really, just mumbling) since he can't use the internet. Oh, it reconnects again. Okay, I lost count. How many times was it? Nevermind.

I wonder what did Adrian experienced today, alone with 6 other upper six girls. Okay, there was another guy and that's it. So it was 2 guys and 6 girls (or was it 7?) in a trip to Genting Highland. Great. Kah-Kah's with Yan-Yan and Ying-Ying (whattaheck) in Penang, staying in the same hotel we 4S went to last time. Good. Me? Sulking in my house in such hot weather sweating profusely screaming at my internet and the slow facebook. I wrote too much. Time for pictures.

It's random okay!

Some fella asked me, "How many HWs do you have currently?" I said, "I dunno, didn't count."

What you're about to see here are not that many, considering I only buy what I like.

The only car that are complete with all 3 colours; Ferrari FXX.

The most valuable among all these will be the green card Evil Twin in the 1st picture top left. So, I got only 44 HWs. Gonna message Sheng to get some rare Dairy Delivery (HotWheels lo) from Melbourne before he fly back on April. Sam's flying on April the 2nd, Kah-Kah's birthday on April 1st and erm..... nothing much.

Good night.

I err, forgot. Ella Koon (yeah, the 1 from TVB) added me in Facebook few days ago using her nickname "QueenMean Bee". She's the real deal alright. To those who do not know her, here's her camwhore picture (duh).

Oh, I just visited her page once, she's pretty.

How wonderful if suddenly Horikita Maki or Kim Ha Yul or Alexis Bledel or AnnaSophia Robb or Emma Watson add me haha!

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Ajan said...

whoa u sure do have a lot of HW collection.

and hahaha emma watson to add u on facebook??? how possible is dat?