Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fashion 14

Quirky shot.

ZARA further marked down price till 3rd of January (Men):
- Round neck tee from RM39.90 to RM99.90 (previously RM69.90 to RM119.90)
- Polo tee at max RM119.90 (previously RM139.90)
- Jeans from RM139.90 to RM199.90 (previously RM199.90 to RM269.90)
- Tanned leather lace-ups at RM269.90 (previously RM469.90)

Super bargain! And super regret; bought my tee 9 days ago with higher price before this. Also found the limited edition Keith Harring collections on sale with the above-stated price.

Topman having half price sale of which I notice were:
- Brown Slim Leather Belt at RM39 (also other similar but different colour belts)
- Brown Leather Slim Plait Belt at RM49
- Brown Doctors Holdall at RM168 (seriously large)
- Canvas tote with blue leather base at RM153

And for girls, checkout this cool heels blog: Fashionbarage

You will get these heels at unbelievable price!

(left) Sequin platform pumps at RM125, (right) Patent stud jewel heel at RM145.

And many more cool heels for different occasions.

Finally, there is a rumour that H&M is setting up a store in KL. Enjoy.

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