Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artisan Roast HQ

Despite the solemn title, this is not a food/coffee review about the newly open Artisan Roast HQ but rather a sort of an appreciation. 

I like Artisan Roast TTDI for their perfect cup of latte (as mentioned previously) and this hasn't change a bit even at their new headquarters. Located at Petaling Jaya (same row as UTAR PJ), it is now nearer to home, not to mention being bigger and better! The staffs are friendly and attentive as always. 

Contrary to the usual, I asked for what's on the drip and the counter prompt the brew bar barista for my request. Joey, the barista trainer, asked of my preference, sweet or acidic, and I chose the latter. The single-origins for the day were Rwanda Musasa and Honduras Santa Marta (of which the latter was acidic). Using the clever dripper, I tasted my first filter coffee (Nescafe's excluded) and it was really acidic. Sourish to the point that I can't stop suspecting the beans were over-roasted. But coming from AR, I must be wrong and inexperienced. This just means I must try more single-origins then.

(left) Artisan brew bar where the syphon, coffee drippers and aeropress reside, (right) Single-origin filter coffee.

Next up, I ordered my favourite latte (to rinse off the acidity, weirdly) and it doesn't let me down. Still the same old taste from TTDI's branch. Oh, they even has affogato now!

(left) Iced latte and affogato, (right) It has a mezzanine floor.

Currently, their operating hours are from 8am till 8pm but fret not, it will be extended till midnight from this coming 9th of July. Operation hours already extended to 12am daily.

(left) Ceiling design, (right) floor details.

Artisan Roast HQ
Opens from 8am to 12am daily.
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Located beside Chery car showroom.
Tel: 03-7931 8978

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